Great Seal of the State of Arkansas


Initial Rule

November 9, 2015

Pursuant to the requirements of Ark. Code Ann. ยง 25-15-203, the Arkansas Public Defender Commission hereby adopts as a rule of the Commission the following. The Arkansas Public Defender Commission is a board of seven (7) persons who are appointed by the Governor. The Commission is required to be composed of at least four (4) attorneys; one (1) county judge; and at least one trial judge who hears criminal cases. The Commission is required to meet at least one time per quarter. The follo ... Read More

Minimum Standards

November 2, 2015

Attorney Qualifications Attorney Eligibility Death Cases Appeal of certification decisions. Removal from certification lists for cause. Voluntary removal. Access to files. Attorney Qualifications Certification criteria: (1) An attorney shall be certified for D and C felonies, misdemeanor, juvenile, guardianship, mental health cases, traffic cases punishable by incarceration and all contempt proceedings punishable by incarceration, if the attorney has requested certification a ... Read More